What are the Best Hiking Boots for Women?

What are the best hiking boots for women you might ask?  The correct hiking boot is on of the most important items of hiking gear and will determine the success of your adventure.

One of the key factors in preventing foot injuries is choosing the right boot.   Several things should be considered before making the choice that will provide you with comfort and a good performance on the trail.  Are you going for a day-hike? climbing rocks? carrying a loaded backpack?

The correct hiking boots are one of the most important items of hiking gear.   They should support the ankle and have a thicker sole for covering long distances and going over rough terrain.

For shorter, day trips and trekking with a lighter backpack load, you can opt for a lightweight synthetic fabric or synthetic leather and you could select a mid-cut ankle support.  These boots may have a wider range of flexibility and won’t require  breaking-in, but you may feel rocks and rough pathways more than with a sturdier boot.  On the fashion side, these are offered in more choices of color.  But they will not be as durable and not provide protection from water.

For longer hikes that may include a more rugged terrain and a heavier backpack load, opt for a sturdier leather boot.  Leather is sturdier, more durable and the least resistant to water.  A good fit is paramount.  They should fit comfortably, not allow your heel to rise when you walk.  Allow for your toes to have abundant wiggle room as your feet will shift forward on descents.  Check for a comfortable insole for cushion against the trail and a good arch support which is important for preventing back strain.   Ankle support, whether you select mid-rise or high-rise will lessen any twisting over rocks and large twigs.  A good fit is a must to prevent blisters and sore feet at the end of the trail.

What are the best hiking boots for women?  At the end of the day and the trail, the best hiking boots can be removed to reveal blister-free heels and toes, as well as sprain-free ankles.

So before pursuing the great outdoors make sure you are going with your best foot forward. Here are some of our favorite picks for safe and comfortable adventures on the trail.


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